2009 – Banque Havilland S.A. established in Luxembourg.

2011 – Acquisition of Dexia Private Bank Monaco S.A.M.

2012 – Opening of Banque Havilland (Monaco) S.A.M.

2013 – Opening of a branch of Banque Havilland S.A. in London, UK.

             Acquisition of Banque Pasche private banking business in Monaco.

2014 – Opening of Banque Havilland (Liechtenstein) AG following the acquisition
              of the majority stake in Banque Pasche (Liechtenstein) AG.

              Opening of the Banque Havilland (Bahamas) Ltd. following the acquisition
              of 100% of the shares in Pasche Bank Trust Limited in Nassau.

2016 - Opening of Banque Havilland S.A. Representative Office in Dubai.

             Acquisition of Banco Popolare Luxembourg S.A.

             Opening of Banque Havilland (Suisse) S.A. following the acquisition
             of the share capital of Banque Pasche S.A.


Letter from the Honorary President

For some time now I have strongly believed that there is a need for a  traditional private bank where clients can be confident that their assets are safe. Despite my long experience of the financial markets I was deeply concerned by the recent global financial crisis, which made it all the more apparent to me that there is a need for a bank such as this.

With Banque Havilland we are building a strong new private bank that  provides safety and reliability for those who are looking for a new partner to help them structure and manage their wealth. Our Bank is run conservatively and we have made a point of putting our initial focus on getting the ‘basics’ right. We want Banque Havilland to be the type of bank that we, as a family, would like to bank with - from prudent management of the balance sheet through to good quality service.  By placing family members in both the management and staff of the Bank we hope to ensure that these values of the family are embedded into the culture.

We think that our proposition is attractive, as whilst clients will have the security of a sound and independent bank this is complemented by having access to the experience and the network of a family that has successfully grown and managed their wealth over many years.

David Rowland,
Honorary President
Banque Havilland S.A.