"Honouring the 'private' in private banking"

Providing private banking services in a fast-changing environment marked by digitalisation may be a challenge, even for banks operating in a leading banking centre like Luxembourg.

"Dans les coulisses"

Banque Havilland est installée au Kirchberg depuis l’année 2009. Elle offre toute la gamme de produits et services d’une banque privée.


In this edition, 10 years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers and with global debt levels still high, we discuss how political and economic risk events could start to be more harshly judged by markets now the business cycle is maturing.

“Ethics is key to Luxembourg’s funds leadership”

Luxembourg maintains a leading position when it comes to managing funds, but securing this status may very well depend on our ability to make entrepreneurial decisions. How can compliance and regulatory work with business to assure the competitiveness of Luxembourg’s marketplace?

Outlook - Third Quarter 2018

In this outlook we look at the effect of trade tensions on the markets in 2018 so far, as well as outlining our asset allocation going into the second half of the year. We also touch on the likelihood of the oil price going higher and the US Dollar.

"Luxembourg wealth management ecosystem"

Shifting client expectations, disruptive technologies, ever-changing regulations, new competitors: despite facing important threats, Luxembourg’s wealth management industry will continue to thrive thanks to its unique ecosystem.

“Luxembourg is a certainty in an uncertain Brexit”

Brexit is bringing new challenges but also new opportunities for the European wealth management industry, with Luxembourg taking the centre stage as one of the favourite jurisdictions for global financial firms and UHNWIs.