Alongside the traditional private banking services, clients are also invited to ‘co-invest’ with the Family. The current economic environment opens up investment opportunities that are not accessible to the public. These opportunities can range from private equity style investments, such as stakes in start-up companies, pre-IPO support or distressed situations, through to attractively-priced senior ranking bonds and loans to well-established corporates.
These investments will have passed the Family’s investment vetting process and will be opportunities that the Family itself invests in. The investment horizon spans almost all business sectors from real estate to commodities, all geographies, and all types of financial instruments from private equity to listed securities.

Corporate Banking

Our corporate banking team is able to assist families and entrepreneurs with their businesses, providing M&A, restructuring, private placements and business strategy knowledge and expertise.
Our integrated platform across private, investment and corporate banking allows us to provide a unique solution for our clients where we are able to support the entire lifecycle of a deal – from sourcing and structuring through to the financing and realisation of the deal.

Art advisory services

The Art Advisory Service at Banque Havilland is designed to provide our clients with access to expert insight and guidance into the world of art and the collecting process from auction representation and acquisition
to collection management and divestment. 

Investor Immigration Advisory Services

Banque Havilland can support clients looking to relocate to other jurisdictions. The legal, tax, and immigration advice is provided to the client by their chosen adviser and Banque Havilland will support the process by providing the relevant banking and investment services and support from our international teams. For example, for those looking at the UK Tier 1 Investor Visa the bank can provide investment management services with portfolios ranging from UK Gilts to blue chip companies or any combination of UK investments that fall within the permitted investment rules as determined by the clients’ adviser.