Wealth structuring

As a Bank owned by an Ultra High Net Worth family, we fully understand that the structure that you place around the ownership, management and distribution of your assets can have lasting consequences for you and your family. We can provide guidance and support on a comprehensive range of wealth structuring solutions that will protect your assets and offer your family security and an enduring legacy.
We have an expertise and experience in structuring complex international structures such as trusts, foundations and fund structures in different jurisdictions, and work closely with other professionals to provide a tailored solution for managing and preserving wealth.

Investor Immigration Investment Services

Banque Havilland can support clients looking to relocate to other jurisdictions. The legal, tax, and immigration advice is provided to the client by their chosen adviser and Banque Havilland will support the process by providing the relevant banking and investment services and support from our international teams. For example, for those looking at the UK Tier 1 Investor Visa the bank can provide investment management services with portfolios ranging from UK Gilts to blue chip companies or any combination of UK investments that fall within the permitted investment rules as determined by the clients’ adviser.