A Sound &
Traditional Bank

Established in 2009 by a British family, Banque Havilland emerged from the family’s desire to create a private bank that they would like to bank with. The family has many years of professional experience in the finance and investment sector and views the ownership of a Bank as a natural progression. The Bank is managed with the financial conservatism which is the family's hallmark.

Become Part of
our Network

The Bank can share with you its business network and facilitate access to new people, new locations and investment opportunities.

We offer you access to our personal and professional networks comprising our most trusted and capable banking, asset management and wealth structuring professionals.

Independent &
Privately Owned

Our independence brings many benefits - the means to adapt quickly to the needs of our clients; not to be constrained by the cumbersome infrastructures that characterize a large banking group and, importantly, the ability to provide private banking and wealth management services that meet the individual circumstances of the client without being restricted to predefined products and service offerings.

Private ownership also provides stability and longevity to the business - the Bank is an integral part of the Family’s interests on both a professional and personal level.

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