Discretionary Asset Management

We provide a carefully defined investment strategy, based on your individual goals, risk tolerance and financial requirements. Our experienced team of asset managers will evaluate your portfolio on a daily basis. Open communication is key to our service – your dedicated account manager will stay in close contact, providing you with regular performance updates and valuations.

Advisory Portfolio Service

Expert, personalised advice in a complex and ever-changing environment, enabling you to retain involvement in your own investment and portfolio management. Banque Havilland’s Advisory Portfolio Service will allow you to be a part of the investment team, giving you access to the highest conviction trading ideas generated by Banque Havilland’s Investment Management Committee. You will benefit from timely and thematic trading recommendations, ongoing monitoring and regular investment advice, across a wide range of asset classes.

Fund Platform

A secure, third-party fund platform, based on an open-architecture investment approach. Banque Havilland clients have access to a wide range of specialist fund managers. These funds, covering the full range of financial instruments from all the world’s major markets, will provide an exceptional foundation for your portfolio, empowering you to realise your own financial goals.

Custody Services

A fully comprehensive service for all transaction activities, for private and institutional clients. Our custody team provides an end-to-end service, covering order routing from start to finish, the settlement of all types of securities and derivatives (against and free of payment), cash transfers and cash-related transactions, income processing, corporate actions bookings and regulatory reporting for specific topics (QI, FATCA, CRS, EMIR). Safekeeping of your investments is ensured via a wide range of sub-custodians and cash correspondents, for all standard global and many specialised markets.

Foreign Exchange Services

A specialised FX service, with support from highly experienced advisers, covering your transactional and hedging needs, as well as rebalancing currency risk.

Direct Access to the Dealing Room

For clients with professional status, we offer direct access to our trading specialists in the dealing room. Clients can discuss current market activity, gain up-to-date information on stocks and markets, and receive guidance on complex orders.


Extensive execution capabilities, on all major financial markets around the world, delivered by our experienced trading desk. Best execution is guaranteed on a wide range of investments going from straight forward execution on regulated markets such as shares and bonds to more sophisticated instruments such as futures, over the counter options, and structured products.

The Bank has defined a policy (the Best Execution Policy) which describes among other things the best execution principles and the client order handling to ensure the best execution of orders for Retail Clients and Professional Clients in accordance with MiFID II (Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 on markets in financial instruments).

Top 5 Execution Venues Report 2019

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