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While fraud and scams are not new, advances in technology give criminals more ways to attempt to access your money. Banque Havilland has discovered attacks from cyber scammers using the name, logo and employee names of Banque Havilland, as well as internet domain names similar to the one of Banque Havilland. We would like to remind you to be aware of such fraudulent emails (phishing and spoofing emails) and to contact your relationship manager or our switchboard in case of any doubt about the authenticity of an email that seems to originate from Banque Havilland.

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Banque Havilland is an independent and privately owned bank established in Luxembourg in 2009. We offer exclusive and bespoke services with a focus on wealth preservation.

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Banque Havilland is headquartered in Luxembourg with offices in London, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Dubai, Geneva and Zurich.

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