Our corporate social responsibility approach

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a theme profoundly ingrained in our DNA which rallies our stakeholders around a shared vision – ensure that the bank builds its business sustainably, with a positive influence on society, the environment and actively contributes to shaping a better future.

This is the same purpose we want for our clients – to help them ensure that their legacy can be preserved and prudently continued for the next generations.

The Bank has formalised how it views its role as a responsible company, and has specified the actions it would like to take in the coming years to achieve this vision.

In terms of corporate responsibility, we focus the majority of our efforts across the group on promoting a sound and strong governance and a human approach to managing our resources.

  • We believe solid corporate governance lays the foundation for any sustainable initiative.
  • We strive to earn the trust of all stakeholder groups. Thus, we act with integrity and in a fair and transparent manner at all times and share insights into our decision-making and control processes with our stakeholders.
  • We empower our staff to work at their full potential. Our target is to promote a strong commitment and leverage personal initiatives in a sustainable way.

Giving back is deeply embedded in our culture and is closely aligned with our values. The Bank is committed to supporting causes that matter to our clients, our employees and our communities.

Three areas of specific focus have been identified:

  • Education & culture
  • Healthcare and Medical Research
  • Social care and environment

The Bank has included sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks in its Risk Framework, set up a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility Policy and a new Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. As regards our Asset Management offering, we have integrated ESG factors into our investment policies and process. In 2021, the Bank is stepping up its efforts to ensure that sustainable development challenges are increasingly incorporated into our strategy benefiting the Bank as an institution, its staff, its clients and other stakeholders.