Banque Havilland UK hosts our first Webinar

On 21st April Banque Havilland UK delivered its first Webinar in order to proactively communicate with key clients, prospects and intermediaries during the current lockdown environment.

Originally, Banque Havilland UK had planned an event in a boutique London hotel to deliver the key aspects of our Banque Havilland group, services, philosophy and in particular, our investment capability inspired by our Quarterly Investment Outlook.  However, the impact of COVID-19 motivated us to realign our event via a Webinar, specifically focusing on the challenges and impact the virus has caused upon the global economy.  Our aim was to provide an analysis of the market environment and to articulate ideas and opportunities that we have identified.

Initial feedback has been extremely positive and we are assessing the opportunity of making Webinars a regular medium of communication for the Banque Havilland Group with specific topical issues and investment opportunities.