High performing teams

A lot has been said about the positive correlation between diversity and performance for companies. It is however important to bear in mind that diversity alone is unlikely to translate to a better performance. What seems to be common between high performing companies and teams in general is a clear casting at every level of the organisation where everyone is committed to give their best for the team by simply fulfilling their role and being proud about it.

In order to motivate any individual to perform at her best requires team members to value and respect each member equally. Teams and corporates have also leaders and goal scorers but in a successful and healthy team also these individuals understand that they are there to fulfil their roles for the benefit of team. No individual is bigger or more important than the team itself.

Diversity does not only allow managers to fill in positions in the firm or in the team, it also allows continuous evolution, progress, manage changes and react on unpredictable events. Most importantly, diversity and inclusion brings the best out of each individual prompting even higher individual performance. When you feel at ease and comfortable with yourself, your ideas and you are respected by people around you, you simply perform better. It is not a cliché that a good mix of individual skills is more than simple sum of the parts.

At Banque Havilland, we are by nature culturally diverse with a workforce comprising over 29 nationalities, yet we recognise the need to continue to build a framework for managing diversity through our recruitment, retention practices, career progression policies, leadership commitment, and culture. By doing this, we can clearly align it with our purpose to build and protect wealth for generations, which will not only create a better bank for our clients, our employees and our community but also enhance our own business performance.

Juho Hiltunen
Deputy CEO of Banque Havilland S.A.

(source: Luxemburger Wort  (French version | German version))