Our investment services

Our traditional approach to managing wealth focuses on identifying a suitable risk profile for our clients, whilst advising on investment in accordance with the identified profile.

Rather than measuring performance against specific benchmarks, our preference is to provide tailored and bespoke investment strategies, with appropriate flexibility that enables us to identify and capture investment performance from market opportunities. Client portfolios can be invested or disinvested at any time based on our assessment of market sentiment, volatility and investment timing.

Our drive is to make complex and sophisticated products easier to understand to empower clients in their decision making.

Our portfolio management options


Our Discretionary Asset Management Service has been designed for clients who wish to entrust the management of their assets to our experts. Our experts define and manage an investment strategy that meets your financial needs and objectives.

Key attributes:

We manage your portfolio with discretion, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our Asset Management is closely monitoring the market and associated risks on your behalf. Our commitment to your financial well-being means that we will promptly implement any necessary changes to your portfolio, allowing you to focus on the activities you enjoy most.


Our Advisory Services have been designed specifically for clients who wish to retain a level of involvement in the investment decision-making and portfolio management process. Personalised expert advice is provided to help clients manage their portfolio. The final investment decision is made by you.

Key attributes:

We will carefully monitor market trends and associated risks to provide you with valuable insights and guidance for making informed decisions. We will assist you in selecting appropriate investment securities, while ensuring that you remain in control of your portfolio by empowering you to make the final decisions.